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MBARI TikTok Productions

The videos below are a sample of my work at MBARI. I translated MBARI's popular YouTube series "Animals of the Deep"

and "Meet MBARI" into short form TikToks. I also curated clips from MBARI's video library and edited them to sync with

TikTok sounds. These videos share MBARI's mission to build connection to the deep-sea with a broader audience. 


Videos share facts about deep-sea creatures and a day at sea.

Deep-Sea Animals

Videos from MBARI's deep-sea library set to TikTok audio.

University Informational Videos

I wrote, filmed, and edited these videos as part of a broader university project to provide students with information in both written and video form. Videos were sent to incoming students, used in the orientation portal, and are posted on Wesleyan University's website.  

General Education Expectations

Explanation of how to fulfill Wesleyan University's General Education Expectations and how to find course designations using Wesleyan's catolog

Advice For Incoming Transfer Students

Six pieces of information I wish I had known as an incoming transfer student

Student Forums

The what, why, and how of registering for student forums 

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